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Real estate professionals in Connecticut can represent home buyers, sellers or both (known as dual agency). March Buyers Realty represents HOME BUYERS EXCLUSIVELY. This way the home buyer receives the best professional service. We maintain a partnership with the home buyer from the start of the search through the move into your new home. WE ARE THERE FOR YOU.

Home Buyer's Bill Of Rights

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  • Many Realtors believe they are buyer agents, but if their office accepts listings they are open to a conflict of interest. The result is "dual agency", with NEITHER BUYER NOR SELLER BEING SERVED. With all the changes in law in recent years, only an EXCLUSIVE buyer agent truly practices the concept of FIDUCIARY responsibility to the buyer. Many traditional agents are coping with this new relationship and finding it difficult to accomplish.
  • We provide a professional, knowledgeable service upon which home buyers can rely on in order to make informed decisions that are in YOUR BEST INTERESTS. We also work with qualified home inspectors, attorneys, mortgage consultants and many other professionals to help ease your journey.
  • We are a member of the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service, and as such, have access to the same inventory as any traditional broker. In addition, we will search the entire market, including for sale by owners to maximize your search.
  • Properties listed for sale in the CMLS provide for compensation to buyer agents and traditional sub-agents. Connecticut law allows for Buyer Agents to be compensated out of the transaction the same as traditional agents.
  • The Agreement between buyer and our agency clearly delineates the responsibilities of each party. You will know exactly what to expect from your representative at all times. You may also terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason if you are unhappy.
The Buyer Agent:

  • Represents YOU - the buyer EXCLUSIVELY
  • Negotiates in YOUR best interest NOT THE SELLERS
  • Shows you only homes that fit the parameters YOU have specified. We do NOT drag you around to homes in the "hopes" that we can convince you the "shoe fits".
  • Keeps all your information CONFIDENTIAL, thus equalizing the negotiating process.
  • Provides you with a FULL comparative market analysis of ALL PROPERTIES IN THE AREA before you negotiate, rather than evaluations favorable ONLY to the seller.

As Exclusive Buyer Brokers we are members of both NAR (National Assn. Of Realtors) and NAEBA (National Assn. Of Exclusive Buyer Agents). As such we must adhere to the code of ethics and strict standards of practice which ensure you of the most professional service available.

We specialize in Fairfield County, but can provide you with referrals throughout the country through our extensive network of exclusive Buyer Agents.

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